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How to use your voice




Reading Music Notation Course




Christmas Concert , Nov 2014




Alberta, Canada Concert




George Kyrillos Master Degree Discussion




Tallinn, Estonia Concert




Monika New Hymns 2012




Thessaloniki Greece 18 Dec 2011




Monika on Sat7 4 Oct 2011




Coptic Tunes on CTV




Sound Track of Coptic films




Coptic Hymns Glossary




Clips Collection




Audio Collection




SAT7 2008




Opera 2007




Opera 2005




My Eyes Towards You




Hymns of St. Basilius Mass (Part1)




Hymns of St. Basilius Mass (Part2)




First Tape - Crucifixion




Second Tape - Resurrection




Third Tape - Condolence





St. Mark "He Who Saw the Lord"




Psalms with Lute




The Virgin




Paris Concert 1995