Opera 2005

1. You are the rampart of our salvation
Litany of the midnight prayer.

2. Every bird, animal, branch, …Praise Him

3. Today the virgin gives birth
Litany of the midnight prayer.

4. Golgotha
Sung at the end of the Twelfth Hour Prayer of the Good Friday.

5. Christ Has Resurrected
Hymn for Resurrection.

6. The Martyrdom of St. Mark

7. The Lord is my light and my salvation
(Ps 27:1-4)

8. Hail to you Mary
(Praxis Response).

9. When the mother saw The Shepherd, The Lamb
(Litany of the Ninth Hour Prayer).

10. The love of God
(Chanted in the presence of the fathers after the Reading of the Pauline epistle).

11. One is the Holy Father
(Chanted before the Confession Prayer).

12. Cast your burden on Him
(From Psalm: 55).

13. The Earth is the Lord’s
(Ps 24: 1-10).

14. O Lord I call to You
(Ps: 28).